KLIK USA Feature

Client Feature: KLIK USA Blogs

My first client, KLIK USA, is a small architectural lighting company based out of Milwaukee, WI and distributing sustainable and environmentally focused lighting fixtures from Australia. Not only do they have a large focus on the benefits of their fixtures to the environment, but how these fixtures provide an aesthetic look that is very unique … Continue reading Client Feature: KLIK USA Blogs


Staying Busy When Busy Isn’t an Option

We are in a situation that is now impossible to ignore. Social distancing, quarantine, isolation are all now a reality and there is a high likelihood that like me, working from home has become sensible. I am the type of person that loves to stay as busy as possible, whether it be work, classes, social … Continue reading Staying Busy When Busy Isn’t an Option


Self-Care while Self-Employed

So, this is it: you decided to go for it, you’re self-employed, doing freelance, running a side hustle. It’s a huge opportunity. You’re excited, you’re happy and you’re feeling positive about the direction your professional life is heading And you’re also exhausted. Pretty nervous, a little stressed, don’t feel like you have time or a … Continue reading Self-Care while Self-Employed